Jeanmarie Higgins

I’m the Assistant Professor of Dramaturgy at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where I teach dramaturgy (and other things). I also work on exciting new performance, mostly with my exciting new colleagues in the College of Arts + Architecture. Theatre Dance Dramaturg is an ongoing archive — of videos, photos, thoughts, artifacts — and a space for me to think out loud about the emergent art I am helping to shape.

Creating theatre and dance involves constant theory-making and constant doing. As a dramaturg, I help with the theory-making and with the historical research that might involve. But dramaturgy is also a collaborative endeavor that asks all artists to think about and to test the big ideas that drive the play, the dance, or the performance. I am most at home when I am facilitating that kind of collective endeavor.

I’m also a theatre historian and theorist. If you’re interested in that sort of work, you can find out more about it from my Google Scholar profile.