Julianne McCollum’s piece in Charlotte Viewpoint about this weekend’s UNC Charlotte Faculty Dance Concert, which includes the premiere performance of AGA Collaborative’s piece, placed:

I’m drawn to choreography that asks questions and leaves space for answers,” says Alterowitz, a classically trained ballet dancer who has taught at UNC Charlotte for six years. The collaborators are all academics at various universities known to be particularly competitive and political workplaces. But their work process is anything but.

Each choreographer goes through a very different process when composing a new work; some are inspired by a piece of music or a story first — such as the Hitchcock-inspired Forward/Rewind —and choreograph the bodily movement to tell the story literally or interpretively. Some of the best contemporary choreographers actually create the story as well as the movement. But very few have as collective and creative an approach as the AGA Collaborative, consisting of three dance faculty academics: UNC Charlotte’s Alterowitz, Davidson College’s Bory and University of New Mexico Albuquerque’s Hamp.