AGA’s work-in-progress is currently titled Track Suit. Which makes me think of RUN DMC’s Addidas track suits and gold chains from the 1980s. They also make me think of the 2000’s trend for women made popular by Juicy Couture — those matching velour track suits, usually worn with very large gold-encrusted sunglasses, and — in a nod to Run DMC maybe? — gold chains.

AGA’s interest in track suits inspires their embodied exploration of gender, athletics, and nostalgia. In “looking back,” the richest recent use of track suits as nostalgia has got to be music duo Jungle’s videos for The Heat and Platoon. If you haven’t seen this video yet, take a few minutes. I guarantee you’ll be happier than you were before you watched it:

This same feeling of joy and nostalgia is in Platoon.

Platoon turns the idea of the Adidas track suit (watch the video – literally) on its head. This purple and pink track suit-clad young girl shows the track suit as a marker of masculinity that informs the dance, but it’s just that, a costume that helps her get the job done.

Taken together, these videos show how track suits, nostalgia, and gender might form a productive way to think about athleticism and childhood, especially what we take from childhood into adulthood. We’ll see how track suits inform AGAs work this summer going forward, as they work with ideas of nostalgia, sports — and the costumes appropriate for both.