AGA is back in the studio with a working plan and a title, “Track Suit.” During the first few days of a residency, AGA tries out scores that come from the idea or theme the group has decided to explore, or from responses to individuals’ impulses (even the dramaturg’s). Today AGA revisited some scores from yesterday:

The difference this year is that each score has an additional direction, that is, “to prepare to. . . ” So instead of “participating in the apocolypse,” the group works to “prepare to participate in the apocalypse” (likewise they work to “prepare to mask the seriousness of the activity,” and so forth). Early days, but one question coming out of this work is, “What is the difference between preparing to do something one knows how to do, versus preparing to do something one does not know how to do as in, “prepare to finish the draft” versus “prepare to harvest the field.”